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Star-crossed lovers, unique in their abilities, yet fated to only be together when he comes forward in time during a random crescent moon.
16th century poet, Christopher Marlowe would say it was destiny.
21st century cop, Tam Paradiso says "Hold my beer while I fix this." 


What reviewers are saying....

Nightfall in Deptford (Crescent Moon Chronicles Book 4) by L.E. Towne - Review by Maryn Belling

“Not all monsters (are) bad, some (are) handsome creatures that listen to your troubles and serve beer”

Welcome to a timeline where things are warped. American readers will slide a side-eye at the revised canonical realities between the text and their history classes - careful where you read this; the trolls might be watching.

Otherwise, bouncing back and forth between London 1593 and contemporary Philadelphia is as seamless as going to the Renaissance Festival. Mr. Marlowe’s attachments to modernity create a decreasing stickiness to his own time - which is good since he’s got that pesky May 30th 1593 thing looming before him.

The underpinnings of the story and its origin legend separate this text from its “competitors” in both the time travel and supernatural (fae) genres. It’s a fun read with endearingly relatable characters. Definitely an author I’ll add to my “yup” stack.

Crescent Moon Chronicles

Antique Pocket Watch

This Urban Fantasy series follows a time-traveling poet, Christopher Marlowe who lands in present day Philadelphia and saves the life of a police detective, Tamberlyn Paradiso. The two must navigate the pitfalls of a long-distance (and time) relationship as well as solve the puzzle of Marlowe's seemingly random and dangerous forays through time.


Along their journey, they are aided by Tam's mentor, Volpi, several police partners, her sister, Izzy and best friend and crack forensic specialist, Ziggy.

They need as much help as they can get as they fight supernatural beings, traverse portals to other realms, and discover as much about themselves as one another. Together for only brief patches of time, Tam solves crimes and kills monsters as Marlowe corrects glitches in time and spies for Queen Elizabeth.  

The series is completed in four books: Knight of the Crescent Moon

Battle for Daylight, Paradise in Mourning, and Nightfall in Deptford. 

Great story from the first page on. Loved the unique characters and their relationships, especially the time traveler from the past, Marlowe.

The interaction between Tam, police woman and monster hunter, and Marlowe was humorous and deep at the same time. I love both of these characters.

What's not to like? This fast-paced novel has it all--suspense, romance, laughs, time travel, and monster hunting. I loved the strong female protagonist and her sexy 16th-century love interest. The preview of the next book in the series looks just as fun.