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A detective with a gift for killing monsters...
A warrior-poet from the 16th century...
Time is not on their side.
About the author

L. E. Towne is a life-long reader who writes to her own drummer and champions the mixed metaphor. Her current series, the Crescent Moon Chronicles, is an urban fantasy with both crime and romantic elements.

She also writes the occasional ten-minute play and people actually put them up on various stages in California and North Carolina. When not writing or reading, she enjoys coffee, wine, friends, too much TV and nerdy movies. Her work has been published in Welter, Legendary, Zouch, and Main Street Rag, and Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.  

There is no sin but ignorance.
The Knight of the Crescent Moon

A practical detective with a gift for killing….monsters.

Tamberlyn Paradiso is a Philadelphia detective with road rage and abnormally high dry-cleaning bills. Demon hunting is a messy business. Dealing with mob bosses and perps all day is the easiest part of Tam’s job.  It’s her clandestine night work that’s hell, dealing with hostiles that range from demons to vampires with an occasional ghoul thrown in.  She thought her ability to see these creatures was unique—until....


A 16th century warrior with both the sword and the pen.


Christopher Marlowe is a poet, bard and play maker, commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I as a spy for the British Realm, he has a unique ability—he’s a time walker who hunts monsters in every century.  When he finds himself in the City of Brotherly Love for the third time in the 21st century, he leaps in to save the life of a snarky policewoman who captures both his heart and imagination, but....


Time is not on their side.


With Marlowe's knowledge and Tam's street sense, they can be an unbeatable team if they join forces. But history is already written, and the greatest threat to Marlowe’s life may not be the monsters they hunt, but the simple act of returning to his own time.


Can they defeat the monster that plagues her city?  Arrest the crime boss responsible for murder and mayhem? Most of all, will Tam uncover the secret to controlling Marlowe’s time travel before he’s destined to leave her side, and her heart, forever?

Great story from the first page on. Loved the unique characters and their relationships, especially the time traveler from the past, Marlowe .


The interaction between Pam, police woman and monster hunter, and Marlowe was humorous and deep at the same time. I love both of these characters. For me, the only issue is having to wait for the second book.

What's not to like? This fast-paced novel has it all--suspense, romance, laughs, time travel, and monster hunting. I loved the strong female protagonist and her sexy 16th-century love interest. The preview of the next book in the series looks just as fun.

Christopher Marlowe battles his destiny to get back to the present and to the love of his life, Tam Paradiso.

But when he finally escapes Tudor London for modern-day Philadelphia, it’s two years in Tam’s past, and she has no idea who he is. He can comfort her as she mourns her dead father and charm her family as they accept that Tam’s destiny is linked with his. He can even help her fight the mysterious rain spirit responsible for a series of grisly murders. But can he make her fall in love with him all over again?


After two years as an undercover vice officer, Tam Paradiso wants out.

She belongs in the homicide division as a detective like her father was. But she’s up against her partner, the beautiful and reckless Ava Knox, for the job. When Tam’s father dies suddenly, she reaches her low point. Still, she must solve a kinky murder case, keep her interfering family at bay, and fend off a crazy, sexy time traveler who claims they are lovers in her future. At least her murder suspect is a human villain, not a supernatural one.


Or is it?

L. E. Towne continues her time-travel saga in BATTLE FOR DAYLIGHT, a heady blend of suspense, sex, and the supernatural. Silver-tongued Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe charms his way back to the side of scrappy vice cop Tam Paradiso.


In a narrative pebbled with literary and historical nuggets, nothing slows the pace as Tam and Marlowe hunt monsters and hammer out a relationship. Threats abound—a serial killer, a mysterious rain spirit, a smarmy lieutenant, and time itself, which any moment might snatch Marlowe from Tam’s grasp. This second volume in the Crescent Moon Chronicles is as exciting as the first.

L. E. Towne’s highly anticipated second book, Battle for Daylight is a tight written, page-turning adventure into the arenas of love and hate, where balancing the tension of both can either kill you or set you free. Believable characters, convincing plot, exotic journeys to the shadows of hidden worlds.

Battle for daylight