• L.E. Towne

Monsters Unlimited

Monsters, strangely enough, don't just create themselves. They require a fair amount of research, not to mention a few nightmares and imagination. These are the creepy, crawly, evil, and sometimes sympathetic creatures that roam Tam Paradiso's world. In Knight of the Crescent Moon, she and Marlowe deal with an ancient vampiric creature called a Strigoi Mort. So ancient in fact that even in Marlowe's 16th century they are practically unheard of. It follows Marlowe through the ribbons of time to invade the present day.

I created a monster board on my Pinterest page. https://www.pinterest.com/let925/monsters/

I try to find the unusual ones, something other than your typical ghost, weres, or vampires. Tam tangles with ghouls in the opening of Knight, but the big bad is the Strigoi, and the human evil behind the monster.

In Battle for Daylight, the opening scene is Marlowe’s, but when we get to Tam, she encounters a run of the mill vampire and beheads him with a trash can lid. (Yes, she’s a badass), but the monster at the end of this book is an Ame Onna, a Japanese Rain Spirit, and much harder to deal with than a lowly vampire. She creates all kinds of chaos on the mean, wet streets of Philly.

Researching these and other creatures is a lot of fun, almost as much as writing them. In that exploration, I’ve delved into the world of the fae for books three and four. Stay tuned.

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