Paradise in Mourning 

Paradise in Mourning - Towne, L.E_.jpg

Tam Paradiso returns in this third book in the series to battle more fantastic characters like Redcaps, bloodthirsty goblins that shred with abandon. Add romance with her Elizabethan heartthrob Christopher Marlowe and complications from an ex who turns out to be a fae warrior, and you have enough mayhem to keep you turning pages long past midnight.

Detective Tam Paradiso has problems...

She’s got a murdered senatorial intern, a grumpy new cop partner, and a sister who decides to travel back to an ancient world, taking the time traveling Marlowe with her.


A fae warrior, ex-boyfriend  is just one more problem. Banished to her realm with fae assassins after him, her ex is the least of her issues. Magical poisoners, the deadliest archers in fae history, and Redcaps who basically shred things for fun are loose in her city.

It's time to go to work.  

This third book of the Crescent Moon Chronicles is the most fun yet. Lots of action, mystery and tension, not to mention a will they/won't they romance. Tam is in her best snarkiest form and Marlowe is ever the hero in his element of exotic locales.