Nightfall in Deptford


Nightfall in Deptford

On a random evening in 1593, Christopher Marlowe meets his end. But history has it all wrong and it's up to Tam Paradiso to fix. Traveling backward in time is tricky.  it. Her future depends on it. 

The final book in the urban fantasy novels- Crescent Moon Chronicles.

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May 30, 1593, a small village just outside London, England


Come nightfall in Deptford, playwright Christopher Marlowe will meet his demise amid a nest of spies and criminals.

The past has already been written. 

But events in Elizabethan times have gone awry and the present day of homicide detective Tam Paradiso is falling apart. Aided by her sister, Izzy's visions, Tam must travel back to Marlowe’s time and rescue him from the infamous Tower of London. 

Embracing her destiny as a traveler, Tam wants back up for her first journey. Enter former lover, a fae warrior turned political consultant, Theo North. With his fae blood, he might survive the blue lightning of time travel, but Tam doesn’t trust him for a second. 

Together, they must plot an escape from the inescapable White Tower, negotiate with the queen’s diligent servant, Sir Robert Cecil, and fight a shifter with a role to play in Marlowe’s timeline. Hardest of all, Tam must rescue Marlowe only to let him die at Madame Bull’s to preserve her own future, and that of their child’s. 

Back in the present day, Tam’s best friend, Dr. Jane Zigfield has a mysterious puzzle of her own, the enigmatic cop, Damien Cobb. As she and Cobb are sucked deeper into the world of the supernatural, they find both danger and passion around every corner. All they have to do is stay out of trouble and out of the bedroom until Tam gets back.

All Tam has to do is to leave Marlowe to his destiny in order to save her future. 

Easier said than done.