Knight of the Crescent Moon

The world is a dangerous place—we all know this. But most people want to believe that their mundane little reality is still within their realm of understanding—that the most deadly things around are viruses and politicians. My reality is just a tad weirder than most. –Tam Paradiso, present day, Philadelphia

In the 1st installment of Towne's urban fantasy novels, Detective Tam Paradiso is a cop who hunts criminals—human by day and the non-human by night. Most people have no idea what lurks in the city of Philadelphia, but she sees the true the monsters beneath their human façade. An ability she has to hide from those she trusts most, her family and her cop partner, Xavier. But even she’s surprised during a hunt when 16th century British playwright, Christopher Marlowe, a monster hunter himself, appears in a swirl of blue lightning and saves her from a brutal death.

Tam Paradiso is one of the few people who can see the dark creatures that lurk in the human world. While she protects people by day as a cop, by night she hunts down the unthinkable. One night an awful creature crosses through time, and with it the handsome Christopher Marlowe. Yes, the Christopher Marlowe. Marlowe has been hunting down creatures through time. Now a new bloodthirsty creature roams the streets and there's no telling when Marlowe will be swept away. Tam and Marlowe will team up in a race against time.